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Wireless Alarm Systems: Are they Really Better?

That’s the question that many homeowners are asking as they foray into the experience of shopping for wireless home alarm systems for the first time. After all, many adults grew up with an alarm system in the home before wireless alarm system options were introduced. It makes sense to naturally gravitate toward the technology you are familiar with.


But despite that, it’s important to know that hard wired alarm systems are heavily outdated. Their configuration is bulky, and even potentially dangerous because of the risk of exposed and short circuiting wires. Plus, they are far more disruptive to the structure of the home because they require technicians to drill holes in the walls, manipulate wires and perform other alterations. Alarm systems that are wireless do not require any of those maneuverings.


Wireless Alarm Systems: Are they Really Better?

Also, it is important to note that hard wired alarm systems can potentially be less secure. That is because many, many intruders have a habit of disconnecting the home phone line; this is part of the intruders’ strategy in order to keep their victims from getting help, whether that help is via the alarm signal connecting to the monitoring center, or from the victim manually dialing 911.


Elderly homeowners, in particular, are vulnerable to this practice because they are less likely to own a mobile phone. If you are an adult child or grandchild of a loved one who may be susceptible to this, it would be wise to provide them a cell phone account and a wireless alarm system.


For the Modern Home, Wireless Alarm Systems are the Only Option

Of course, we should not ignore the obvious: With the majority of homeowners abandoning their landlines years ago, wireless alarm systems are quite honestly the only option there is if you only utilize cell phones. A wireless home alarm system kit, once it is installed, relies on cellular technology to operate.


When the alarm is armed and motion detectors sense the presence of an intruder, the signal is activated and will immediately reach the central station. It can be easily monitored, 24 hours a day, without the presence of a home phone line.


Finding an Alarm Monitoring Company

All things considered, the answer to the question “Is a wireless alarm system really better?” is a big, resounding yes! Take the time to read some wireless alarm systems reviews; chances are, you will encounter a wide variety of satisfied customers. Of course, an alarm system, wireless or not, is only as good as the monitoring company that provides the response service. That is why it is critical to do just as much research on alarm monitoring companies as the alarm system product itself. You want a company that responds to your wireless alarm system in seconds, listens to your concerns, and is able to dispatch authorities to the scene in an instant. Furthermore, they should be able to advise you properly while you wait for help to arrive.


Responsible Alarm Ownership: Don’t Forget to Arm Your System

Wireless alarm systems for homes are the best way to improve your home security climate with an electronic security solution. However, the importance of arming your system day and night should not be understated. Wireless home alarm systems are only useful if they are armed when you leave in the morning, disarmed when you arrive home from work and armed again when you go to bed at night. That way, the alarm will sound and transmit a signal to the monitoring center at the moment you need it to.

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