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Wondering about your Home Alarm Systems Options?

Are you a newbie to owning an alarm system for home? You’re certainly not alone; with crime on the rise in many cities and their outlying suburbs, many families are researching their home alarm options for the very first time. Perhaps you have only begun to research home alarms companies, and have yet to understand what features you are supposed to be looking for in the first place.


If so, don’t worry; the best wireless home alarms are out there, and you will most likely find a great one in your local area. You just have to do a little research, and be willing to trust the experts. Wait a minute – wireless home alarms? Why should they be wireless? Here are the reasons why we recommend it.


Less Impact on the Home

Traditional in home alarm systems are hard wired to the home, which requires a great deal of invasiveness on the home’s structure. Wires must be moved, connected and in some cases, exposed. A home alarm that is wireless is not invasive on the home structure at all; in fact, it is as simple to install as hanging a picture frame. Yes, really!


No Need for a Landline

Here’s another reason why wireless alarm systems for the home are superior: They have no connection to a phone line, which means that families who no longer own a landline phone can still own a monitored home alarm. In the past, you had to keep your home phone line if you wanted to be an “alarm home.”


Now, all that has changed because you can own a home alarm without a landline. Wireless technology uses the same connection as your cell phone to send home alarm systems signals to the monitoring center. “Cell phone only” homes can receive all the benefits of monitored home alarm systems.


Why is Wireless Safer?

There are many reasons why home alarms that are wireless may be considered the safer home alarm system option when compared to wired alarm systems. For example, intruders have been known to cut home phone lines so that the alarm will not work. With a wireless system, that would have no impact on the alarm’s ability to send a signal to the monitoring center.


And if the situation was especially dangerous, the owner could simply enter the alarm’s duress code or push the home panic alarm (similar to a panic button feature) in order to send the alarm signal to the monitoring center silently, without the intruder knowing.


What is the Cheapest Home Alarm System?

It may come as a surprise that many times, wireless alarms are among the most affordable home alarm systems money can buy. Installation is cheaper, because there is no need for a technician to drill holes in the wall or touch the wires. Plus, the cost of a landline phone is eliminated, which makes owning and maintaining the system much more manageable. With wireless, there are no costly home alarm accessories.


Where to Find Alarm Systems for Home

There’s even more good news: Numerous home alarm system companies have both wired and wireless options. You don’t have to go far to find the best home alarm company, because many local dealers have national affiliations and all the product options that come with it. From home alarm systems in Orlando, to Philadelphia to Los Angeles, there are dealers who carry quality wireless alarms from coast to coast. If you’re ready to do your own home alarm system comparison, search for a local dealer that can furnish you with a quality, low cost alarm system for the home.

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