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Home Alarms: Finding a Company You Can Trust

Nowadays, there are home alarm system companies popping up everywhere. If there isn’t one in your town, rest assured that there will be one soon. In other words, you have no shortage of choices when it comes to home alarm companies; when it comes to choosing one, you definitely have your work cut out for you.


But wait – does it really matter what home alarm provider you choose, so long as the alarm equipment is a good brand with strong name recognition? Of course it matters! After the installation is complete, your intruder alarm needs to be monitored by a company that operates a central station alarm monitoring center. This is the place where the alarm signal will be transmitted if it is activated when armed, and the place where trained security agents will be standing by to:


  • Respond to the signal
  • Call you immediately
  • Send the help you need to your location


Truth be told, it does not matter where the alarm company’s central station is located; what does matter is that the company responds quickly, whether it is day or night, by calling you promptly and sending your local authorities to the scene in an instant. They can do that from anywhere in the United States, and they do it for countless alarm systems and their customers every day.


Does the Alarm System Store Provide Monitoring?

Many times, the same company that installs the alarm system for your home will also be able to provide you with 24/7 monitoring service for the alarm. Other times, customers start out with one company monitoring their home alarms, and decide to transfer service to another company later when the contract expires. It should be noted that if the customer transfers service before the contract expires, an additional termination fee may apply. You should ask your provider for more information at the time of sign-up.


What if my Alarm is Wireless?

Whether you have a hard wired alarm or a wireless alarm, your system needs to be monitored by a quality home alarm company. Wireless alarms are easily mounted on the wall, with no drilling or re-wiring required; they are also widely regarded to be more secure, because intruders are unable to affect the alarm monitoring service if they cut the home telephone cord.


For that matter, a home telephone is not even necessary with a wireless alarm; it utilizes cellular technology to send the signal to the central station in the same amount of time as a traditional alarm system.


Get Started Now!

To begin your search for providers of home alarms and alarm monitoring companies, search alarm system review pages on the Web. See what other homeowners think of the top rated alarm systems and the home alarm system companies that provide installation, monitoring and maintenance. You may be surprised at the wide range of options you find.

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