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Residential Alarm Systems: What Sets Them Apart Now?

If you are a previous residential alarm system owner but have not owned one for the past several years, you may wonder what has changed about the systems that are available today. The answer is this: Many things have changed! Here are some examples you may not be aware of.


No More Landline Needed

For one thing, homeowners are no longer beholden to their landline telephone when it comes to having their residential security systems monitored 24 hours a day by a qualified alarm monitoring center. That is because today’s residential alarms can also be wireless, with no complicated wires connecting them to a home phone line. When you choose a wireless alarm system for your home, the technology that connects it to the monitoring center is cellular or radio-based – no landline necessary!


Fewer Security Risks

That means that the countless American families who have given up their traditional, land-based home telephones can still benefit from high performance residential security system units, powered by technology that is far less invasive on the home, but much more secure for the family! There is no need to worry about weather, a pair of scissors or anything else compromising the effectiveness of residential alarm systems that are wireless, and there’s no invasive drilling through walls in order to have these residential alarms installed.


Better Integration, More Features

Here is something else that sets today’s residential home alarm systems apart from the alarms of the past. It involves the integration capabilities of various system components – components that contain some truly amazing features. The modern security system is much more than a burglar alarm; rather, it is a single management source for all types of functions in the home, including fire protection and life safety detection. These residential alarm system features are designed to notify the homeowner anytime harmful elements are present in the home, such as smoke, high water levels, carbon monoxide and extreme temperatures.


Control Your Entire Home

In fact, these types of residential security systems may also be able to control home automation features that can turn on and off lights, locks and thermostats from a distance. When the system is integrated with the owner’s mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, these things can be controlled and managed from wherever the owner happens to be at the moment. And it isn’t only the mobile device that can access the account; from the monitoring company’s website, the owner can log in to view this information from a desktop or laptop computer as well.


Getting an Upgrade

If the residential alarm you currently own does not perform these functions, it may be possible to purchase an affordable upgrade service that gets your system working harder for you right away. There is no guarantee, but it is certainly worth a try if you are looking for a major lifestyle enhancement that can also help your family. Finding one of these superior residential security systems is easy; just do a search for residential alarm systems reviews, and many options are likely to reveal themselves. Be sure to take note of the comments of past customers; they can provide the best evidence of any company’s performance.


Here’s the Answer

The answer to the question above – “What sets today’s residential alarm systems apart?” – is clear the moment you have the new system installed in your home. Once you own one, you see that it is far more than a simple “burglar alarm.” Instead, it is a bonafide lifestyle management tool that happens to boost your home security.

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