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Is it Your First Time Getting a Security System for the Home?

If so, you may not be aware of the incredible options that are available to you now. One thing is for sure: The in home security systems of today are not your parents’ home security systems. Their security home systems were bulky, damaging to the home, potentially dangerous because of live or exposed wires, and a security risk because anyone could disconnect them by cutting the home telephone line. That’s right: a security risk! That defeats the purpose of owning a security system at home in the first place.


Now, make this home security systems comparison: The options available to you now are sleek, compact, non-invasive on the home and not affected by the absence of a land-based home phone line. There are no wires for the installation technicians mess with, because the system is wireless. You can have a landline phone if you choose, but it is not necessary; it doesn’t affect whether the security system will work in your home. You can still receive home security system service, including alarm monitoring, so long as you have a working cell phone and a wireless alarm.


And better still, today’s home security systems allow for online


Online Account Access: What it Means for You

Here is another thing to consider when you compare home security systems of the present to systems of the past: Today, you can have an in home security system connected to an online account that you can access anytime, from any computer, tablet, or Web-enabled smartphone. This may not sound like much at first, but take a moment to consider everything it allows you to do. With this online security account management access, you can:


  • See when your alarm was armed and disarmed, and by who
  • Know when family members come and go every day
  • Check on your home security camera systems and view live video inside the home
  • Get notifications when important events happen – just program your system to email or text you


Security Systems for Home, Monitored from Anywhere

As you can see, security systems for the home have come a long way in the course of just a few decades. And now, it’s possible for alarm monitoring centers, which respond to customer alarm signals and send authorities to the scene, to be located nearly anywhere in the country.


It’s true: Technology makes it possible for local home security systems providers to furnish customers with 24/7 alarm monitoring service from anywhere. Your local authorities can still reach your home emergency in the same amount of time, no matter where your alarm monitoring center is located. As long as your security system is at home, armed when it needs to be and monitored by a reputable company, that is all that matters.


Home security systems equipment matters, but the quality of the monitoring company is every bit as important. Before you start to compare home security systems, take the time to research the alarm monitoring companies you are interested in as well. You want a company with a strong national affiliate, so you can trust their name; you also want a company that has a track record of fast response times. Online reviews are a great resource for your research.


So, go ahead: Research home security system prices, but don’t underestimate the importance of the quality of your monitoring service as well. A security system for the home is only as good as its monitoring center.

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