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Home Security Alarm: Do Wireless Security Alarm Companies Work?

If you grew up with a security system in the home, you probably know that it was connected to your home telephone line. That is how traditional security systems were connected to the monitoring center (the place where the alarm signal is transmitted). The monitoring center operators are responsible for alerting police to the emergency, which is the primary reason why it is recommended to have your security system monitored.


In fact, a monitored security system alarm can even be helpful in an unusual emergency, such as a person you know becoming a threat unexpectedly. When that happens, there are ways to make sure that help arrives when it is needed. Some systems offer options like a duress code, which can be entered to transmit a silent signal to the monitoring center. Other systems have a “panic button” feature, which does the same thing with the push of a single button.


But these days, not everyone has a landline; does that mean they can’t enjoy the benefits of a home security alarm? Thankfully, not at all!


The truth is, wireless technologies make it possible for anyone to benefit from home security alarms systems and have them monitored like any other system. When home security alarm systems are wireless, they send their signals to the monitoring center using the Global System for Mobile Communications, otherwise known as GSM. This is the technical term for the cellular and radio-based technology that sends the alarm signal to the monitoring center in the same instantaneous manner that traditional phone lines would. In fact, many homeowners find that wireless security alarms are slightly faster than hard wired, phone line reliant security alarms for homes.


More Home Security Alarm Facts

Fast performance is one just reason that people are switching to wireless alarms. It’s a fact: A security system alarm that is hard wired is going to be more invasive on the home during installation. Holes are drilled, wires are moved around, and the amount of home security alarm equipment necessary for setup is typically more intrusive on the wall space. For an alarm installation that is no more complicated than hanging a picture on the wall, wireless is the more practical choice.


Here’s another fact: If a burglar or home invader cuts the telephone line during a break-in, a hard wired alarm will not be connected to the monitoring center because it needs that phone connection to establish contact. That’s another reason why many homeowners feel more secure with a wireless home security alarm; they know it will still be operable if a criminal attempts to disable the alarm.


Both Types are Effective

Still, it is important to note that traditional, hard wired home security alarm systems have been generally known to work just fine. If you have one, there is no reason to disconnect it (unless you are seeking an upgrade for one the reasons mentioned above). It’s always important to understand your options, especially for new alarm owners and buyers on a budget.


Try doing a search on home security alarm system reviews; you’ll see that the majority of wireless security alarms owners are highly satisfied with the performance of their systems, and are glad they chose a system that allows them to connect to a monitoring center without needing a landline.


Wireless home security alarm systems are superior to traditional security systems in many ways, but what really matters is that your alarm is monitored. No matter what type of alarm you have, it is only effective when it is connected to a 24/7 monitoring center with operators that are trained to summon the appropriate help for every emergency.

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