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What are Your Alarm System Monitoring Criteria?

For average owners of home security monitoring systems, the main objective is to improve the security climate in the home. For average home security monitoring companies, the primary goal is to help customers feel better about the security in the home; fortunately, they can do this by providing a 24/7 home security monitoring service that accomplishes the goal.


You may simply be looking for a cheap home alarm monitoring company, and that’s fine; many homeowners do. But don’t sell yourself short by making low home alarm monitoring prices your number one criteria for choosing a security system monitoring provider. After all, if a service is labeled “cheap,” there is probably a good reason for it.


A home security monitoring company that offers extremely low cost services may very well be here today, gone tomorrow; that has been a common occurrence in recent years, with security businesses that pop up overnight and are gone as quickly as they came. Online review boards are full of grievances from their customers, and the Better Business Bureau has fielded many complaints. Complaints about alarm monitoring companies aren’t hard to find; a simple search tells the whole story.


Of course, some of the best home security monitoring services are actually quite affordable as well; it is possible to have the best of both worlds, and be quite satisfied with both price and service quality. You may find, as you read various home alarm monitoring reviews, that the best home monitoring system money can buy is one in the middle of the industry price range. It’s not a “too good to be true” price, nor is it a monthly cost that just doesn’t fit into the average family’s budget. If an affordable price is your number one criterion when searching for home alarm monitoring services, try looking for companies that offer reasonable prices for the valuable service they provide – not “cheap” ones. That may be the best way to gauge their legitimacy.


So, What Does Matter in a Security System Monitoring Service?

If price shouldn’t be the main concern, what do consumers seeking an alarm system monitoring provider need to look for? Great question! Here are some other criteria that are equally as important as price.


Wireless capability:

Wireless alarm monitoring allows you to take advantage of monitored home security without the burdens of a landline telephone. These days, that’s a valuable commodity for anyone; after all, who wants to get another landline and have holes drilled through the wall if they don’t have to?


Easy integration:

The best home alarm monitoring systems don’t only help customers reduce their home security risks. They are also easily integrated with fire protection systems, weather alerts and of course, home video monitoring. You should be able to address all these needs with a single panel.


Outstanding service:

This should go without saying, shouldn’t it? A home alarm monitoring service should live up to its claims when it comes to the amount of time it takes them to respond to each alarm activation; of course, that amount of time should only be a matter of seconds. It should also employ operators who are thoroughly trained to address each emergency until help arrives at the scene.



Perhaps you are aware that many other types of companies, including cable and telephone service carriers, have recently entered the home security market. This is a shame, because monitoring security systems is not a job for everyone. It should only be reserved for businesses who have years of experience in electronic security services.


Wireless capability, integration, service and experience: These should be your home security criteria.

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