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Wireless Home Security Monitoring Systems

Secure Your Home Security SystemsWireless home security monitoring is the preferred security method of today’s homeowners. Because wireless security systems are easily installable (about as complicated as hanging a small picture frame!), they have become the first choice of conscientious homeowners everywhere. But easy installation is just the tip of the iceberg. A wireless home security system is also:

Home security systems that are wireless have so many advantages over “traditional,” hard wired and phone-based alarm systems that they really are the clear choice for today’s homeowners. If you are concerned about your home, loved ones and property, a wireless home security system is the best possible line of defense.

What Else Can a Security System Do?

There are few measures that are as effective at deterring threats of vandalism, burglary and home invasion than a home security system. Wireless alarm systems have been proven to be effective at discouraging criminals from acting; for example, a 2010 Alarm Industry Research and Educational Foundation study found that most thieves spend only one minute or less breaking in – logically, they know that a working security system will prohibit them from getting in and out undetected. Additionally, the same study revealed that 90% of thieves prefer to break into homes that are not equipped with home security systems.

Learn More about Wireless Home Security Monitoring Systems

The experts have spoken: A wireless home security system is the best possible way to help your family protect itself from burglary. To speak with a company that installs, monitors and maintains wireless home security systems, take a moment to fill out the contact form provided. We will be happy to schedule a free, no-obligation risk assessment.

Advantages of wireless home security - http://safesoundfamily.com/blog/the-benefits-of-a-wireless-home-alarm-system/
Stats on alarm system usage - http://homes.yahoo.com/news/reasons-to-invest-in-home-security-025712983.html

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  1. A Complete Home Security System

    *Wireless control panel
    *Large Illuminated Keypad Display

    *Pet motion detector
    *High decibel siren
    *1 keychain remote that arms and disarms

  2. Free security system activation to ADT's  24/7 monitoring centers and registration with your local police and fire departments
  3. Free keychain remote, allowing you to arm and disarm your home alarm system from a distance.
Choose ADT, America's #1 company for home alarm security system monitoring
  • Founded 131 years ago
  • Free risk assessment
  • Around-the-clock monitoring
  • User-friendly arm, disarm, and status
  • Keychain remote
  • Back-up power
  • May save up to 20% on homeowners